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A Few Belated Thanks

I have real trouble writing thank-you notes. A lot of it is that I am acutely aware of how poor my writing skills are when compared to most of the people I am lucky enough to know. I also end up finding that they have come out either very cheesy and impersonal, or they sound completely insincere and forced. I write a few drafts, hate them all, curse my lack of genetic writing gifts, and then I never look at them again. Which is actually pretty great, because then not only have I wasted time and gotten to beat myself up, but I've totally blown off the only important part anyway, and get to be rude to someone who deserved a thank you. That has the added bonus of initiating another round of beating myself up. I'm a treat.

I need to end this vicious cycle. So, I present a few very long over due and poorly written notes of gratitude.

To coffeeem
Thank you so much for the amazing socks! They are gorgeous and I love them. It just got cold enough to pull them back out and I put them on and was immediately warm and happy. And then I remembered that I STILL haven't thanked you, and was inspired to write this post. I'm sorry it is so incredibly late, and so inadequately written. I love my socks very much. Thank you!

To lydy

My blanket! It's amazing. I love it. It's pretty and warm and it makes me think of you. Thank you so so much.

To tesla_aldrich

(Wow. This one is really really really long overdue.)

Thanks for the bed! It's still comfy and awesome. Sorry for the insane lateness, but thank you!

To thorintatge

I probably owe you a bunch of thank you notes. The year you gave me John Stewart's America for Christmas sticks out especially. It was exactly what I wanted and you just got it for me because you knew that. It totally made my Christmas.

To pameladean and ddb and also my extra bonus GP lydy

I must owe you a million thank you notes. For outings and gifts and love and affection a million times. Like that time you took me to the science museum or when we ate noodles or the time you gave me my first camera and taught me how to use it. Valley fair! So many millions of awesome things. Thank you for being amazing God Parents. I love you and regardless of how ungrateful I must seem, I do understand how lucky I am to have the God Parent Golden Ticket. Thank you.

Oh there are a million more to be done. But this is a start.

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