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Intro to Lesbian Culture

This semester, among other things, I am taking Intro to Lesbian Culture at MCTC. It happened to be the only class that worked both for my schedule and towards my Women's Studies certificate, that I hadn't already taken. I was a little nervous initially, because I am a real talker in my classes, and my outsider status had me a little worried about silencing and privilege and all that. Part of why it worked for my schedule is that it's an entirely online course, which means there are really no fears about silencing, and I'm getting pretty used to awkwardly confronting my privilege at this point, so I'm not having any issues at all.

So far, I really like it a lot. As has been true of most of my academic pursuit of women's studies, I'm finding it to be heavily dominated by white elite women, and intersectionality is seriously lacking. But, it's only week two, and one of the readings has already owned up to that, so maybe that means it will be more inclusive and full in scope as we progress.

Another advantage of the online format is that there is only one textbook, and everything else is online and free to the public. Not only did this save me money but it lets me do this...

Take my Intro to Lesbian Culture class along with me! Well, OK, don't do the assignments or whatever. But I'll post the links that I've read/watched/whatever for the week here, and you can read/watch/whatever them too. Then we can talk about them and improve our understanding and critical thinking skills and have interesting conversations and so on.

Unless no one comments and plays. Then I will stop posting and sulk back away to my secret LJ-voyeur's corner. That's legit, too.

Week 1

Introduction to Lesbian History

Definitions of Terms

And then there is a brief pdf that is basically a primer on Cultural Studies. It's pretty remedial stuff, and is also copyright protected, so you can't have it.

Week 2


Native Americans/ Gay Americans

Romantic Friendships
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